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The beaches that we recommend


Recommended Beaches
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Sutomore beach

Sutomore beach is the largest beach in Sutomore and length is 1250 meters, wide between 30 and 40 meters. The beach is sandy with sand that is slightly larger in the northwestern part of the beach while small fine sand golden-yellow color on the other end of the beach. From our house is 2.1 kilometers away. Gold Coast beach is 850 meters long and is located in extension of Sutomore beach. Just along the beach throughout the length of coastline stretches along the beautiful promenade are numerous cafes, restaurants, discos, boutiques...

Strbine Beach

Pebble beach length is about 150 meters. Untouched nature, pearly clean water. On one part of the beach can be found curative mud. From our house is 2.3 kilometers away.

Maljevik Beach

Maljevik is a beach that is closest to our house 2.4 km. The beach is pebbly, length is about 300 meters, is under pine trees, is a typical example of untouched nature with very clean water. It is one of the best sites for sport diving.

Canj beach

Big beautiful pebble beach 1200 meters long only 4 kilometers away from our house. Near the beach is a large parking./td>

Queen's beach

Queen's Beach is near Canj. Till this small, but attractive beach, can go only from the sea. It is surrounded by sedimentary rocks. Because the ambient, the beautiful sand and crystal clear sea, was a favorite beach Montenegrin Queen during her stay in the castle "Topolica". Queen's beach is 250 meters long and until it can go with boat which depart from the beach in Sutomore and Canj.

Buljarice beach

Buljarice bay extends from naze Resovo hill to Dubovica. The beach is 2250 meters long. From our house is 9.6 kilometers away.

Lucice beach

Representing a beautiful swimming site, which is nevertheless the large number of visitors remained untouched natural. It has the shape of small bays, it is 220 m long, it is have sandy shore and the seabed, with shallow that extend in the sea and forests of pine and cypress in the hinterland. From our house is 12 kilometers away.

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