Private accommodation Bato Mandic
Sutomore, Haj-Nehaj

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Reception and Accommodation

When you come to us we will give you the keys and you'll be able to place in apartments or rooms you have booked. Since travel can relax in the rooms and also at your disposal is a large terrace in a pleasant shade with a few tables, benches and chairs. Terrace is a place where guests can eat or socialize during the day and evening.

Terrassa Terrassa Terrassa

Courtyard houses is for parking. It's big and so far are the cars all guests in the house can smoothly fit into it.

Parking Parking

The house has its own pool of technical water and water pump. In the case of the disappearance of water from the city network, we switch on a water pump which supplied house with water. The pool is recharging by if necessary and volume is 10m3. There are also several tanks on the roof of the house a total volume of 4m3 which serve to supply the house with hot water, which is mostly used for showering in two separate cabins that are available to all guests. Previous experience has shown that the water was sufficient to satisfy the needs of guests.

Shop in which you can get everything for the food is located 50 meters from the house (next to the main road). It is well supplied and works 24 hours a day.


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