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Sutomore, Haj-Nehaj

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Maljevik Beach

Maljevik is a beach that is closest to our house 2.4 km. The beach is pebbly, length is about 300 meters, is under pine trees, is a typical example of untouched nature with very clean water. It is one of the best sites for sport diving.

Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach
Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach
Maljevik Beach    

Underwater Research of Montenegro - Maljevik 2010: (Source: Svet Ronjenja)

Maljevik Beach

The first part of the research was to solve enigma Maljevik. Whence a not finalized antique architectural elements of the small depth? Whether it is a shipwreck or village where they were produced? The research has included a geological research and archaeological research the coast, respectively studying the coast. According to data processed so far, and they include the whole bay Maljevik, came to the following conclusions: The primary locality is divided into two sections, which include two groups of four and two the architecture elements, mutually ten meters distant. Without a doubt, the stone is of local origin, and can be found only near the diving location. There are indications that it is carved right at the spot where they were discovered, and that because pedologic depression that is up to 4 meters, the locality in situ. This means that the level of the coast since ancient times sank, and that present-day geological picture does not reflect the situation in the Roman period.

Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach Maljevik Beach
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Sensational discovery in shallow waters Maljevik beach, near Sutomore: (Source: Vijesti)

Maljevik Beach

Family well-known English archaeologist Charles Lekves, found in shallow waters Maljevik beach, near Sutomore, the remains of buildings, probably the ancient temple, whose importance for the Montenegrin archeology, without exaggeration, sensational.
"In just a few meters from the beach Maljevik found the remains of what may well imagine the world scientific community", says for "News" Lekvesnov colleague, archaeologist and diver Mladen Zagarcanin, curator of the Regional Museum in Bar.
Spending an ordinary day at the beach, the English, Zagarcanin speak, noticed strange pieces under water. Charles fifteen years old son Michael called his father and told him that under water is something that is many times seen in his books on desk in England.
"These are enormously large pieces of the columns, about 90 centimeters in diameter which lie along with other architectural elements of large size, heavy and several tons, and at a depth of barely two meters. They are visible on sea surface when clear and no wave", Zagarcanin rave describes the discovery Lekves.
Adduce that in Montenegro his family vacation every year since 1994. year, Charles is said that the discovery was "the finger of fate."
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